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Vehicle inspections application designed for VOSA compliance released

TAAP vehicle inspection software applications now include a solution designed to comply with VOSA guidelines, which cover everything from tyre checks and brakes to oil leaks and exhaust smoke. The vehicle inspections applications relate to a variety of vehicles including cars, HGVs, and passenger carrying vehicles.

Following increased demand from customers who needed a more efficient method to comply with VOSA standards for daily walkarounds and first-use inspections, as well as driver defect reports, TAAP configured its established vehicle inspections technology to accommodate the required information.

The system is designed to run on mobile devices so that operators can complete swift but comprehensive vehicle checks which include photographic evidence with annotation, and vehicle flat plan mark-ups to show any areas of concern. The data is collected using TAAP’s software loaded on to suitable PDAs or tablet devices.

The inspection can be time & date stamped by the touch of a button, and signed by the inspector using the stylus. It is common for managers of larger fleets to request RFID and barcoding options built into the software as this ensures that each ‘tagged’ area of the vehicle is scanned or read by the driver’s/inspector’s device, so improves compliance even further. Once a vehicle inspection is complete, data is transferred to the client’s own secure web portal.

The technology is the same as that provided to RAC Inspection Services and can be integrated with various other technologies such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Bing maps, and TAAP’s ‘CLOC’ service which uses location-based information to pinpoint the position of inspectors. This is so that automated messages can be sent to customers about expected times of arrival, thus improving customer service.

Paul George, Business Development Manager commented

"By having a vehicle inspection application that is designed for VOSA compliance, our customers can collect the required data for each vehicle so that it can be used for repairs & maintenance and to prevent serious safety breaches.

Managers responsible for fleets and compliance are increasingly concerned about complying with legislation – especially the corporate manslaughter act. Companies are now responsible for the road-worthiness of employee-owned vehicles when used for work purposes, as well as their own fleets. This system ensures that all possible checks are done to keep a vehicle road-worthy, and are recorded for future reference, so that companies fulfil their health & safety responsibilities and duty of care towards employees.”


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